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IkeaClan Allegiances

Allegiances of IkeaClan. Deputy, Medicine Cat, and Medicine Cat Apprentice are chosen/elected.

Special thanks to Flashtail, my deputy, for taking care of the allegiances. I am really grateful to him for doing this. Keep in mind, he will be the one replying to your comments and putting you on the allegiances!



LEADER: IKEASTAR- blue she-cat with gold eyes.

                     APPRENTICE, Sorrelpaw

DEPUTY: FLASHTAIL- ginger tom with a white tipped tail and ears and emerald green eyes
MEDICINE CAT: WILLOWLIGHT- gray she-cat with a darker stripe and green eyes
                   APPRENTICE, Stoatpaw

IKEAFROST- white she-cat with cream points, white paws, and blue eyes

KINKSONG- blue tabby she-cat with a white chest, white paws, and yellow eyes.

WITCHHEART-long-furred black she-cat with reddish stripes down back. One missing ear and green eyes.

PANTHERHEART-Fluffy pure black she cat with ice-blue eyes.

SAPPHIREHEART- Silver she-cat with white paws and brown eyes

DRIZZLEFLASH- Silver-and-white tabby she-cat with darker markings and amber eyes.

SHADOWEDROSE-  Small black she cat with turquoise eyes

BLIZZARDLEAF-  light gray tabby she-cat with leaf-green eyes


SORRELPAW- Light brown she-cat with cream stripes and yellow eyes

STOATPAW- fluffy tan tabby she-cat with pale blue eyes

HAZELPAW- mainly white calico with white paws and thick, fluffy fur

 TACOPAW- Yellow-tan she cat with green eyes


45 thoughts on “IkeaClan Allegiances

    • Tacopaw (Help me with my warrior name pls) says:

      Tacopaws form

      age (in moons):12 moons


      appearance:Yellow-tan she cat with green eyes

      personality (3 good traits, 3 bad):Nice, helpful,quick. Evil, sharp claws,gets angry VERY easily
      other?:Likes taco-theamed fish.

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  1. That One Rainy Potato says:

    Haiiii! It’s Rainspirit! can I be a queen?
    Rainspirit- light gray tabby she-cat with white ear-tips and sky blue eyes
    If im allowed to have kits, then
    Featherkit- Light gray she-kit with white ear-tips, paws, tail-tip, chest, underbelly, and muzzle with blue eyes
    Ravenkit- Gray she-kit with a white bib and ice blue eyes


  2. short description: mainly white calico with white paws and thick, fluffy fur
    long description: mainly white calico with orange, brown, and black spots covering back. Paws and chest are pure white, while an orange spot covers one eye and a brown spot covers the other. Thick, glossy, fluffy fur.
    name: hazelspots (spotzel, hazelpaw)
    technically an apprentice, i wish i was a warrior 😥
    but put me down as hazelpaw, thank you ❤

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  3. Flash, Hazelpaw needs added to the apprentices who need mentors list.
    Also, can you add a section of avaliable mentors? Right now they are Pantherheart, Witchheart, Flashtail, Ikeafrost and Kinksong.


  4. marshystripe says:

    Hi! I’m Leaf Lost in Blizzard from BlogClan. Can I join as Blizzardleaf?
    i’m a light gray tabby she-cat with leaf-green eyes.


  5. smashtail says:

    Hi, I’m Ashpaw (Ashtail) from BlogClan. Can I join?

    I am a light gray she-cat with darker gray spots, a black left paw and yellow eyes.


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