Welcome to IkeaClan!

Welcome to IkeaClan! This is kind of a roleplay site, kind of a blog. I am Ikeastar, the leader of IkeaClan, although you can call me Fawnberry. Ikea is a swedish furniture store that I want to live in. So join IkeaClan today!

This is based off the site BlogClan by Kate Cary, one of the authors of the book series Warriors. I am a happy part of that site.





This site became really inactive so I’ll be making some improvements and renovations. Here are some of them!

  • A new look! I’ll probably have a new colour theme and a new format. 
  • A new medicine cat election. Wollow and Stoat, you both can still run, don’t worry, but I feel as though we need a little change.
  • New articles! And I’ll start allowing people to submit their own in any way I can.
  • Updates to the Wiki! The wiki never got active, so I’ll update it as much as possible.
  • A new rank: the Deputy’s Apprentice. They’ll help me, Flash, Stoat, Sorzi and Wollow make decisions.
  • Sorzi, my apprentice will be moddified and help make desicions.
  • We’ll start up the calendar.

And so much more! So we’ll start up the improvements now!



So, this is the IkeaClan rp. You do not in any way have to join this. RP INFO:

There are five groups, who live together like Clans.

There is IkeaClan, who lives in a field with some trees near a parking lot and Twolegplace called Ikea. They named themselves after this Twolegplace, as they get most of their survival needs from it. Their nests are Ikea pillows, and they eat Ikea food. On their borders they have the Tribe, the Sector and Ikea. This is quite a new Clan, and their leader is Ikeastar. All other positions in IkeaClan are open.

Next, we have the Tribe of Blinding Light. This Tribe lives out on an open field with lots of sunlight. It is a little bit sandy, but they make their nests out of moss and twigs, and eat birds,rabbits and some mice. On their borders they have IkeaClan, the Junta and the Faction. This tribe works a bit differently from the Tribe in the books. They have a Healer AND a Light-Reflector, which is their leader. They also have their second-in-command, which is called a Bright-Stander. All other positions stay the same, and the only taken one is the healer, Sand Sprinkled Across Dry Land.

Then, there’s the Sector of Deep Creeks. They live in a damp land with lots of trees, and a long, deep creek running through it. Their nests are made out of damp leaves and flowers, and they eat fish and frogs. On their borders, IkeaClan and the Faction are there. They have rogue names. The ranks are
Creekswimmer, the leader,
Riverfisher, the deputy,
Watersplasher, the med,
Watertoucher, the MCA,
Lakefloaters, warriors,
Puddleleapers, apprentices,
Pondtwirlers, queens,
Dropdrinkers, kits and
Oceantellers, elders. All ranks are open except for one Oceanteller, Pacific.

We also have the Forest Faction. They live in a wooded forest, and they eat shrews, mice and some birds. They sleep in trees, and they live next to the Tribe, the Sector and the Junta. They have the same ranks as the Clans, use Clan names, and all of the ranks are open except for one queen, Flowerblink. Her kits Mothkit, Leapkit and Wispkit are open, and her mate is deceased.

Finally, we have the Junta of the Mountains. They live in a shady field, next to mountains, the Faction and the Tribe. They sleep in small caves in the mountains, and eat berries, newts and voles. Their ranks are
Mountain Seer (leader)
Peak Jumper (Deputy)
Stone Duster (Med)
Pebble Fleeter (MCA)
Gravel Pushers (Warriors)
Rock Touchers (Apprentices)
Dust Sifters (Queens)
Small Rubble (Kits)
and Boulder Movers (Elders)

They have ancient names, and all ranks are open except for the Peak Jumper, who’s name is Snow Sift.

Please no cussing or anything that’s not as appropriate as the book series Warriors.
Don’t control others characters.
No Mary Sues/Gary Stus.
If you want to kill somebody’s character, ask them first. Don’t do it if they say no.
Feel free to kill your own character.
Unlimited cats, but be active with all plz.

Clan, Tribe, Sector, Faction or Junta?-

Here are my forms as an example-
Name- Ikeastar
Gender- She-cat
Age- 59 moons
Rank- Leader
Clan- IkeaClan
Appearance- blue she-cat with gold eyes
Personality- friendly, easily worried, kind, distracted easily
Backstory- She was interested in Ikea, and the groups of cats, so she started her own Clan
M/K- N/A
Family- A kittypet sister named Pillow, open
Other- bi

Name- Sand Sprinkled Across Dry Land
Gender- Tom
Age- 46 moons
Rank- Healer
Clan- Tribe
Appearance- tannish-cream tom with light tan tabby markings and golden eyes
Personality- quiet, reserved, awkward, helpful
Backstory- He was born in the Tribe, and had a crush on a tom named Palm on Flat Beach. When he died, Sand went into depression.
M/K_ N?A, he cant get over the death of Palm
Family- A mother named Spot on Silent Leopard, open
Other- homo

Name- Pacific
Gender- tom
Age- 110 moons
Rank- Oceanteller
Clan- sector
Appearance- silver tom with ocean-blue eyes
personality- open, great storyteller, a bit annoying, hard of hearing
Backstory- He’s been through many things that he’ll tell you through a story 😛
Mate- A she-cat named Atlantic, deceased
Kits- Three lakefloaters named Southern, Arctic and Indian, all open.
Family- A brother named Nile, open
Other- N/A

Name- Flowerblink
Gender- She-cat
Age- 36 moons
Rank- Queen
Clan- Faction
Appearance- dusty brown she-cat with pale green eyes
Personality- skittish, overprotective, jumpy, nervous, good mom
Backstory- Her mate, Nightslate, was killed by an eagle, and she became nervous and sad and stuff like that
Mate- Nightslate, deceased
Kits- Mothkit, Leapkit, Wispkit, all open
Family- Only her kits
Other- Afraid of eagles

Name- Snow Sift
Gender- Tom
Age- 20 moons
Rank- Peak Jumper
Clan- Junta
Appearance- Snowy white tom with pale gray patches and gray eyes
Personality- loud, jumpy, loyal, thoughtful, weird
Backstory- None, really
M/K- None yet.
Family- His parents are Flake Stone and Ice Pond, and he has 3 littermates named Frosty Tree, Tall Glacier and Freezing Mist. All are open
Other- pan

post form in comments!


A very special occasion.

Today is a very special day. Today, I will be granting moddership to two lovely members of IkeaClan. I will be assigning one a job XD

The members of IkeaClan who will become mods are…

Stoatpaw, the MCA! Stoatpaw, can I have your username for wordpress so I can send you the mod invite?


KINKSONG! Now, Kinksong, do you mind if I put you in charge of the calender? like adding everybody’s Ikeaversaries (the day they joined ikeaclan), birthydays and etc.

Well, bow to your new mods!